Timeline of Selected Readings: 1900-1909

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1900 Event Icon

  • Crane's "The Upturned Face"
  • London's The Son of the Wolf Read Icon
  • Dreiser's Sister Carrie Read Icon

1901 Event Icon

  • Norris' The Octopus Read Icon
  • Hardy's Poems of the Past and Present Read Icon
  • London's "The Law of Life" Read Icon
  • Dreiser's "[McEwen of] The Shining Slave Makers"

1902 Event Icon

  • London's "Batard"
  • Norris' "A Deal in Wheat" Read Icon
  • James' The Wings of the Dove Read Icon

1903 Event Icon

  • James' The Ambassadors Read Icon
  • London's The Call of the Wild Read Icon
  • Doyle's "The Empty House" Read Icon
  • Doyle's "The Dancing Men" Read Icon
  • James' "The Beast in the Jungle" Read Icon
  • Norris' The Pit Read Icon

1904 Event Icon

  • James' The Golden Bowl Read Icon
  • London's The Sea-Wolf Read Icon

1905 Event Icon

  • London's "Love of Life" Read Icon
  • Wharton's The House of Mirth Read Icon
  • Howells' "Editha"

1906 Event Icon

  • Sinclair's The Jungle Read Icon
  • London's White Fang Read Icon

1907 Event Icon

  • Adams' The Education of Henry Adams Read Icon

1908 Event Icon

  • London's "To Build a Fire" Read Icon

1909 Event Icon

  • London's Martin Eden Read Icon
  • London's "South of the Slot"
  • London's "The Madness of John Harned" Read Icon
  • London's "A Piece of Steak" Read Icon
  • Hardy's Time's Laughingstocks and Other Verses Read Icon
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